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Sa Rapita Boottochten

Een echte Mallorcaanse ervaring begint met een boottocht. Wij organiseren alleen het beste vanaf uw locatie in Sa Rapita.
Stuur ons vandaag nog uw aanvraag en wij varen met u de beste charter voor de meest verbazingwekkende herinneringen.
Boek vroeg een boottocht om zeker te zijn van beschikbaarheid in Sa Rapita! Stuur ons een bericht.

Classic Motor Yacht

Sa Rapita

...Stay tuned!

Momenteel zijn we op zoek naar het beste boottochten in Sa Rapita voor jou.

Vul ondertussen het contactformulier in en
wij bieden u andere boottochten in de buurt aan.

Indien nodig organiseren wij ook een transfer.

Neem contact op met ons!

If you have an adventurer spirit and you like to discover new ways to spend your time, don’t hesitate to participate to our Sa Rapita boat trips .

We would like to invite you to enjoy one of the most joyful pastimes ever! Whether a local or a tourist, excursion on a motorboat, catamaran or a sailyacht!

The Itinerary is different for every boattour and depending of your wishes.

Most common are the following options:

  • Half day boattrip in Sa Rapita | AM  4 Hours

  • Half day boatrrip in Sa Rapita  | PM  4 Hours

  • Full day boattrip in Sa Rapita    | 7 or 8 Hours

  • Sunset boattrip in Sa Rapita     | 2 or 3 Hours

Every trip can be customised but this is generally what is to be expected. Get in contact with us for more info.

We start our tours from the harbour and move along the coast of Sa Rapita towards a stunning anchorage, one of the most attractive places close to Sa Rapita. So long as the weather lets us, we will turn off the engine and sail leisurely the whole way through. The wonderful atmosphere of the anchorage won't leave you indifferent to its beauty and cosiness. You will have the opportunity to take in the beauty of the Transparant seawater and sunbathe and swim while surrounded by your dearest ones! This trip is for lively, enthusiastic and utterly inquisitive people like you! Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the stunning views of the coastline. The Captain and crew will bring you the most unforgettable experience and even let you feel like a skipper for a while.

When we arrive at our destination, you will have enough time to relax and swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. On the way back to Sa Rapita you will have another chance to feel a genuine connection with the sea and taste the real joys of life!

The activity can be changed due to meteorologic conditions and we will inform you in due time.


Departure point and return |

Sa Rapita does not a harbour with quality boattrips, we suggest to go to El arenal.

We can order a private transfer for you or it is easy to reach by taxi. (Google Maps)

Departure time |

Depending booking
In general:

AM 10:00 - 14:00
PM 15:00 - 19:00

Day 10-00 - 17:00
Sunset changes day to day

Price includes |


SurfInflable Toys
Mask + Snorkel
Profesional Skipper

Fuel costs (* Motorboats)

* Soft drinks

* Snacks
* Alcholic beverages

* Lunch or dinner

Price excludes |

Any Private Expenses

Additional options

Transfer (Can be organised)

* Depending on your booking


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Bedankt voor het indienen!

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